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Technology in a step from us

Technology does not stand still, every day we learn about new useful inventions that improve and simplify our lives. Many of them are aimed at a reasonable consumption of resources and their savings.

What are the most interesting and modern inventions

  1. Effective Handle: a new loading robot from Boston Dynamics In Boston Dynamics, they never cease to delight fans of innovation with new inventions. If skeptics laughed at some clumsiness of prototypes a couple of years ago, now everyone is amazed at the accuracy of the improved models.

Designed for work in warehouses and cargo sorting, Handle moves easily and quickly, carefully carrying and unfolding all sorts of packaging: from small to heavy.

  1. The system of thoughtful driving: safety on the roads from the project ADAS & ME Daily news bulletins do not go without complete tragedy of reports of terrible accidents. Statistics are disappointing: every year more than a million people in the world die in accidents. And how many people lost their health and are now wheelchair-bound? The main cause of such accidents are drunk or inadequate drivers.

Fortunately, thoughtful engineers decided to eliminate the human factor in order to reduce the number of accidents.

In Europe, they set a bold and seemingly difficult task: to reduce the number of deaths on roads by 0 to 2050. How? With the help of unmanned vehicles.

As part of this project, the driver will be able to rest from driving or take control only in certain situations. A well-thought-out system will go into autopilot mode if the driver is unwell, falls asleep (which is a frequent problem for truckers), upset or badly angry.

  1. Two-legged Cassie: improved robot courier from Agility Robotics Like their colleagues from Boston Dynamics, the developers of Agility Robotics are actively working to improve their robots. New Cassie models (resembling leisurely ostriches) easily overcome the most difficult obstacle for robots – devious steps!

NASA will study the satellite of Jupiter with the help of HGA. In recent years, a new round of space racing has begun, calling into question the further lifestyle of earthlings. The population of the planet is growing at a frantic pace and the question is increasingly: what next? We drain resources from Mother Nature, destroy forests, dry the seas — we need more space to live. Humanity flatly refuses to be fruitlessly fruitful, stubbornly crowding out other forms of life.

Scientists decided to explore Europe – one of the satellites of Jupiter. However, you first need to make sure that flights to a distant celestial body really justify all the risks and costs. It is for this purpose that active work is being carried out within the framework of the Europa Clipper mission, in order to study the surface of the satellite, under the ices of which (allegedly) twice as much water as in the entire Earth’s water area!

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